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CONACYT National Scholarship

  • The National Council for Science and Technology, offers tuition scholarships to full-time students enrolled in Master’s programs registered in the National Registry of Quality Graduate Programs.
  • CETYS Universidad in it Engineering Graduate Program, is registered in the National Registry of Quality Graduate Programs, which offers academic and tuition scholarships for a two-year period. Candidates may apply in January and August.
  • CONACYT and CETYS’ invaluable investment in the generation of knowledge generates opportunities for mexican nationals and foreign students as well, enrolled in face to face master’s programs and with a full commitment towards their studies.
CONACYT National Scholarship


  • Dates: Apply in January or August
  • Apply via our Graduate School Office
  • Previous acceptance to our Graduate School is required
  • This scholarship is reviewed by an institutional board and based on the candidate’s academic credentials, portfolio and profile. Amount of scholarships are variable per quarter and or academic year.
  • Once the group of people admitted to the program is determined, CETYS will be given the task of selecting candidates to be postulated to CONACYT. This selection will be based on the analysis of each person’s profile.
  • The Institution reserves the right to determine the number of candidates to be nominated, and who would participate in accordance with the assessment of the admission requirements submitted.
  • Students granted this scholarships commit to continue to be enrolled for the entire duration of their graduate program, to pass every course and comply with the CONACYT and CETYS academic and institutional policies.
Applications will be discarded based on:
  1. Incomplete documentation is presented or late delivery according to the established and public calendar
  2. Information not properly registered and integrated to CONACYT’s portal
  3. Candidates that have had previously an equivalent or similar scholarship, particularly those coming from governmental agencies
  4. Applies simultaneously or is simultaneously in another selection process by CONACYT for graduate studies or any other program, included the funds regulated by the Science and Technology Law
  5. The candidate has unresolved administrative or judicial controversies against CONACTY or any of the funds they operate or manage.  
  6. The candidate seeks to obtain a degree equal to another one granted with a CONACYT scholarships or from governmental agencies
Conditions and Requirements
To all CONACYT candidates:
  • Attend a CONACYT Orientation Session
  • Be admitted by CETYS Universidad prior to applying for this scholarship. Consult  ►Admission Exam Dates.
  • Estar previamente admitido en el programa de posgrado de CETYS.
  • No haber cursado ninguna materia en las Maestrías en Administración y Ciencias de la Ingeniería (el candidato a postulación debe ser de nuevo ingreso).
  • Be a Full Time Student
  • Two classes per quarter are mandatory
  • Minimum grade of 80 or above is mandatory in every class
  • The candidate may partake and collaborate in teaching and/or research; maximum 8hrs. per week
  • Limit their work activity, labor and employment to the following*
  • Obtain the degree within term stipulated in the Scholarship’s rulebook

All CONACYT Students should follow the academic and administrative policies established by CETYS and CONACYT.


CONACYT will send a report on approved scholarship in a maximum period of 30 business days, after the reception period is closed and in accordance to the original timeline of the scholarship. Scholarships shall be granted and approved based on budget availability, and based upon the first applications received.


All candidates agree to the commitment between CONACYT and CETYS for the duration of their scholarship, once candidates sign the formalization form they are officially considered grantees.


Master’s up to a maximum of two years.
Scholarships will be assigned based on academic start date, and based only in January and August enrollment period.
If students begin their studies at CETYS with their own funds or external financial support and are granted the CONACYT Scholarship, it will be applicable only to the remaining time to complete their studies without any extension.


  • The scholarship may cover the full or partial quarter based tuition
  • Medical Insurance via ISSSTE
  • Current calculation is based on minimum wage, 4.5 rate

For more information on CONACYT Scholarship for Graduate Studies

Note: All candidates must be previously admitted to a CETYS graduate program when applying for this scholarship.
Admission Exam Dates: Consulta la Convocatoria CONACYT.

Important Dates

  • July – December 2017  Application period and receiving documents
  • January – March 2018 Candidate nomination according to the official CONACYT Calendar
  • April – June 2018 Academic period begins

For more information and detail on CONACYT scholarships please sign-up to one of our orientation sessions

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Soon we’ll publish all dates!


Soon we’ll publish all dates!


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