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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs are innovative and reflecting on the trends of several of the most relevant fields of knowledge.
Tailor-made to fit your needs and those of the professional world.

Face the challenges of this era!



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Choose a programLearn more and answer your questions with one of our institutional advisors. Via e-mail, phone or schedule an appointment.



Fill your application form and one of our institutional advisors will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment.


The day of the exam

Register to choose  your admission test date.  Once registration payment has been made you will be able to take the preparation course. Payment will be credited towards your tuition.

Please be on time and bring with you a photo ID, eraser and a No. 2 pencil.

STUDY GUIDE  (In Spanish) >


Scores are available within seven business days after the test, your advisor will provide them for you. Afterwards you may schedule an appointment to learn about all the scholarships and financial plans available to you.


Financial Aid

*Your advisor will mention all financial plans available as well as requirements and documents needed.


  1. Copy of Academic transcripts/records or copy of the High School certificate and / or Degree.
  2. Copy or score card obtained in the admissions exam.
  3. Copy of proof of address of the applicant (utility bills -no more than 3 months old).
  4. Recent applicant’s photo (b&w or color)
  5. 2 copies of proof of monthly family income (recent payroll receipts and / or last annual bank statement).
  6. Copy of proof of pre-enrollment payment.
  7. In the case of applying for a sports scholarship: sports curriculum, including photographic evidence.

Enrollment period

Please bring the following documents on your designated dates (send to you via e-mail or informed by your advisor):

  • Admission Exam Score from CETYS Universidad
  • Birth Certificate, original and two copies
    In the event of U.S. Citizenship or Residence, please bring as well official documents certifying legal status in both countries. All documents need to have a seal of approvement from the official mexican authorities.
  • High School Certificate
  • Copy of CURP (for more information on that required and if you want to know if you are exempt from this step, please ask your CETYS advisor) 
  • Receipts and/or invoices of payment, if applicable
  • 6 photos (Monochrome, paper, no instant photos; no glasses, makeup, formal attire and expression)
  • GNP Format, provided by your CETYS advisor
NOTE: It is mandatory to bring the Medical Insurance Form.


Don’t miss a day, here you will find dates on the orientation sessions, exams and enrollment period.

Mexicali Campus

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Tijuana Campus

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Ensenada Campus

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Financial aid

CETYS is accessible to all who wish to study.
Learn more about the financial aid options available for you.

8 out of every 10 students at CETYS have some form of financial aid.


Academic Scholarships

Comprehensive Plan for Financial Aid

This plan combines 10% of CETYS credit, and anywhere from 25% up until 80% of academic scholarship for students with an overall GPA of 8.5+ and 1,120 points in their admission exam, as well as results of their socio-economic evaluation.

Comprehensive Plan for Financial Aid for Engineering Programs

For students applying to all Engineering Programs, with academic achievements and skills, as well as their academic trajectory from High School.
This plan combines 10% of CETYS Credit, and up to 40% of scholarship for students with a general GPA of 8.5+ in high school and 1, 250 points in their admission test.

PAFENI Scholarship

Available only in our Ensenada Campus, and created with the intent of supporting young professionals that wish to study with at CETYS. The scholarship for any program in undergraduate is 25% of semester-based tuition.

Student must have a general GPA of 8.5, without having failed any courses and pass the admission exam.

Athletic Scholarships

Receive a scholarship ranging from 10% to 80%. These plan is geared towards those students who have excellent academic credentials and are also outstanding athletes.

Physical and technical examinations are required based upon the student’s sport discipline to apply for this scholarship.

CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount

If you, or your parents graduated from each of our degree programs from any campus, a 10% automatic tuition discount is applied.

Sibling Discount

Discount up to 15% to families with two or more children enrolled at CETYS.
This discount applies with the sole restriction of financial aid does not exceed 50% for two siblings and 75% for three siblings.

Subject upon request and socio-economic study.

CETYS Tuition Credit

Available for students, providing up to 12% in financial aid for undergraduate and up to 10% in engineering programs.

Santander Education Loan (Tuition)

This plan provides up to 10 years of financing, since first semester (sophomore year). It is equivalent to 30% of the enrollment fees and tuition. For more information please visit, or via e-mail at, or at our Santander module units on-campus:

+52 (686)

+52 (664)
903-1800 Ext. 318

+52 (646)
222-2300 Ext. 138

Baja California Education Loan

A personal and flexible loan, facilitated by the state government and with payments upon one year of graduation. Applicable on enrollment fees and tuition.
Funds vary in accordance to each student’ own financial and personal evaluation. The amount is maxed at $25,000 mexican pesos per year which may cover a substantial amount depending on combination of other scholarships, credit or individual financial plans.

For more information visit:

FAFSA Financial Aid

U.S. Federal Financial Aid that may be requested upon enrollment to CETYS for all U.S. Citizens or residents. With a annual interest of 4.45%.
This loan may also be combined with other financial plans from CETYS and the amount depends on each student’ personal and financial evaluation.
Available for new students and returning students.
Apply now.

For more information, please contact via e-mail:

Download brochure.

Disclaimer, all financial aid or student support plans are approved and in adherence to institutional policies.

Tuition Fees for 2017

 Business, Psychology and Social Sciences
 (Full-time study load: 48 units)
Mexicali Campus Tijuana Campus Ensenada Campus
Registration day payment $ 29,432.80 $ 29,432.80 $ 29,202.40
 + 4 monthly payments  $ 13,760.30  $ 13,760.30  $ 13,625.90
or 6 monthly payments*  $ 14,079.00  $ 14,079.00  $ 13,951.00


(Full-time study load: 40 units)
Mexicali Campus Tijuana Campus Ensenada Campus
Registration day payment $ 29,109.00 $ 29,109.00 $ 28,852.00
 + 4 monthly payments  $ 11,608.50  $ 11,608.50 $11,496.75
or 6 monthly payments* $ 12,590.50 $ 12,590.50 $ 12,473.00


With Academic Scholarship (38%)

Business, Psychology and Social Sciences
(Full-time study load, 1st semester: 48 units)

Mexicali Campus

Tijuana Campus

Ensenada Campus

Registration day payment

$ 18,248.34

$ 18,248.34

$ 18,105.49

 + 4 monthly payments

$ 8,854.20

 $ 8,854.20

 $ 8,770.87

or 6 monthly payments*

$ 8,944.19

$ 8,944.19

$ 8,864.83


(Full-time study load, 1st semester: 40 units)

Mexicali Campus

Tijuana Campus

Ensenada Campus

Registration day payment

$ 18,047.58

$ 18,047.58

$ 17,888.24

+ 4 monthly payments

$ 7,520.08

$ 7,520.08

$ 7,450.64

or 6 monthly payments*

$ 8,021.32

$ 8,021.32

$ 7,948.47

For each semester, Registration, Tuition and  Student Insurance covering both major medical expenses and tuition are included.

* This payment option only applies during the August-December semester for new students who enroll in the month of June.

NOTE: Tuition and fees will be subject to possible changes in taxes, tax laws and the economic situation of the country, which could cause an increase. This budget may vary according to the choice of subjects, registration and financial aid.

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If you studied in the US and wish to continue at CETYS, click here to know more about the process to make your credits equivalent to the Mexican education system.


CETYS is an educational experience made just for you.

Be part of the top institution in Northwestern Mexico. Our offer includes programs accredited by national and international agencies, we are proud of hosting top-tier faculty and cutting edge infrastructure providing interactive and dynamic academic and co-curricular student life.

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